5 Beginner Skiing Tips

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So you’ve taken or booked your first ski lesson and you’re looking for some beginner skiing tips? You’ve come to the right place! Here are our 5 top tips for beginners just starting out.

#1 Get your Boots sized and Fitting correctly

It’s such a simple thing but if you have incorrectly fitting boots this will either be really uncomfortable if they are too tight, or affect your control of the skis if they are too loose. After your first ski lesson, take a note of the size boots and skis that suit you. When you go for your first few lessons you can hire all the equipment that you will need and get your boots and skis fitted correctly. They have qualified instructors there to help with this (I went to the Chill Factore in Manchester for my first lesson.).

beginner skiing tips
Get your ski boots well fitted

#2 Don’t be scared of Falling!

On your first few ski lessons you will fall – trust me! But one of the most important beginner skiing tips is not to be scared of falling. You will fall into snow which is soft and will break your fall. Also, the instructors are on hand to help you get up after you fall! The other thing to note is that the ski boots are extremely secure around your ankles and they will protect your ankles really well. If you are worried about getting your skis tangled up then don’t be – skis are designed to come off in a situation that is potentially dangerous or in an emergency where they would do you harm. Other than that, they are really secure.

#3 Be safe – Helmet, Jacket and Gloves are Essential

It’s essential that you wear the correct gear to protect yourself. As well as your skis and ski boots, a helmet, jacket and gloves are essential. You will probably rent your skis, boots and helmet. It is also possible to rent gloves and waterproof trousers. But gloves, waterproof trousers and ski socks are good things to buy yourself as they are cheap and you can use them again.

#4 Lean Forward not Back

Remember to lean forward into the skis – most of the times people fall are when they are leaning backwards. They lose control and their weight pulls them down onto their back. Also, you don’t have to lean on your knees at all, just shift your weight forward from the ankles in the skis.

#5 Never cross your skis!

The other main thing to remember is never to cross your skis. Remember that the ski is long at the back as well as the front so be conscious of that as well. If you stop concentrating and end up crossing your skis, the entanglement is almost undoubtedly going to end up in you going over! But remember #2 – don’t be scared of falling!

Next Step – Master the snowplough

One of the first things you will learn is how to master the snowplough. By turning your heels outwards at the back and making a ‘pizza slice’ shape you will slow yourself down and once you can control your speed it gives you chance to start to practice.

Snow plough ski lesson
It’s the reason why you hear everyone shouting ‘pizza’ on the beginner slopes! You need to start with this shape immediately or you could pick up speed quite quickly and panic as a beginner.

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