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If you are a seasoned snowboarder, you’ll recognise how important waxing your board is. Snowboard wax kits are crucial as waxing your board can help you to improve your speed and friction when you are on the slopes. It can also help to improve the lifespan of your snowboard by allowing you to work out any minor imperfections and keep it looking its best.

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What to look for in a Snowboard Wax Kit

Most wax kits will have wax that needs to be melted onto your board using a wax iron. Some kits come with a wax iron, others don’t, but these can always be purchased separately.

Other useful things to look for in wax kits are cleaners, to help you get rid of all the old wax and dirt etc, off your board, before you apply your fresh wax. Scrapers are also important. Once you’ve applied your wax, you should scrape it off your board, until it looks like you’ve scraped it all off – it soaks into the pores of the board, so there will definitely be plenty on there! Other useful products include brushes and microfibre towels.

5 Best Snowboard Wax Kits

Presented below are 5 great snowboarding kits, currently on the market:

Demon United Snowboard Wax Kit

First, is the Demon United Snowboard kit.

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This kit comes with a mini wax iron that has a lifetime warranty! Everything comes in a heavy-duty case, including iron on wax, brushes, scraper and polish pad. This would be a great all-round kit for a beginner. While a bit pricey at £77.99, it includes everything that you need to keep your board looking it’s best and once you have an iron, that’s an initial expense that will last you a long time!

Butta Graphite Wax Service Kit

Second, is the Butta Graphite Wax Service Kit:

[amazon box=”B08CRWKVQ8″]

This handy little kit comes in at £39.99, it includes wax, a towel, brush, cleaner, scraper and a mask. This kit doesn’t contain a wax iron, so is best if you already have a wax iron or would be ok with buying one separately. This is a brand which is very environmentally conscious and their products are always made in a way which ensures they are as kind to the planet as possible.

XCMAN Complete Ski Snowboard kit

Next up is the XCMAN Complete Ski Snowboard kit:

[amazon box=”B089KP9VJ1″]

This is a huge 15 piece complete kit at £85.99, with a wax iron included. It all comes in a waterproof, heavy-duty bag. Perfect for taking on a snowboarding holiday. While this is the priciest of the options, it is a complete kit, with everything you need, wax, scraper, brushes, the works!


Now we have an interesting option from ZUMWax:

[amazon box=”B00IB1NFIO”]

This is a quick, no hassle option and a bargain at £32.21! A rub on wax for great speedy results. You simply have to apply it to your board evenly and let it dry, before then lightly brushing your board. It states that it can last between 5-7 runs. This would be great for someone who perhaps doesn’t have the space or ability to carry around a big kit with them, but still wants the protection offered from wax.

Ski Snowboard Tuning Starter Full Universal Coconut Wax Edge Tool & Iron

Finally, we have a great all-round kit from SKI:

[amazon box=”B07L5ZSC79″]

This is priced at £79.99. It comes complete with a wax iron, iron-on coconut scented wax, scraper, brushes, cleaner and files to help keep your board looking its best! It contains everything you need to clean your dirty board and remove any wax currently on it, before then applying fresh wax!

So there we have it, five of the best snowboard wax kits currently available for purchase! There are great options available regardless of whether you are just getting started in snowboarding, or are more seasoned!

Nothing left to do now, except get your kit, grab your board and hit some slopes! 

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