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Camping is a fantastic way to get back to basics and be one with nature. Even in the UK alone there are hundreds of campsites that you can stay at and use to explore the local area but, in order to go camping, there is one very necessary item you will need – a tent!

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There are many tents to choose, all of varied size, but the tent that will be the focus of this article is a 4 man tent. As the name suggests, this kind of tent will sleep up to 4 people. However, this does not mean you should only get this tent if you plan to camp with 4 people. Sometimes buying a 4 man tent with only 2 campers is a great idea as this will allow you to have some extra space.

When choosing a tent, the most important thing is quality – you most certainly don’t want to be staying in a poor quality tent when the weather is bad! The best brands of tents include Hilleberg, MSR, Big Agnes, Vango and Black Diamond. Also, when choosing a 4 man tent it’s also important to know what actually makes a good 4 man tent?

A big part of deciding on your tent is the space. Yes, a 4 man tent can fit 4 people but, where? For example, would you prefer a tent with one, stand alone space for all the campers to reside or, perhaps if you are camping with your children, would you prefer a tent with two rooms allowing for more space and privacy. Other things to consider is do you mind being woken up by the daylight in the morning or would you prefer to have a tent with blackout material? A final thing to consider would be the overall weight of the tent as there may be times where you are unable to park your car directly next to your pitching area and so you may need to carry your tent for some distance.

So, without any further ado, what are the best 4 man tents available?

First, there is the AmazonBasics Tent which is manufactured by Amazonbasics and can be purchased on Amazon for just under £65. The total height of this tent is 48 inches and it is a round shape. The total weight of the tent is 8.4 lbs and it is yellow in colour. A great feature of the tent is that it works well for 3 season camping and it has a removable rainfly as well as a back window and cool-air port which allows a fresh airflow to circulate through the tent.

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Next, there is a 4 man tent which is manufactured by Coleman.This tent can be purchased on Amazon for just under £148 and is both green and white in colour. The total weight of this tent is around 16 lbs and features double layer windows allowing for a more comfortable experience while camping. A groundsheet has been carefully sewn into the tent allowing for the inside to stay dry and also stops any insects from getting in. Another great feature is, if you are concerned about pitching your tent, this 4 man tent from Coleman comes with attached steel poles and so it should only take 1 minute to pitch.

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Also, there is the Venture 450 Outdoor Tunnel Tent which is made by Vango. This tent is river blue in colour and can be purchased on Amazon for £170. This tent has a weight of about 18 lbs

and also has a flysheet to ensure the tent stays dry in wet weather. The tent also has clear windows allowing plenty of daylight to get into the tent in the mornings and afternoons. The tent has pockets inside of it allowing you to store items and a built-in groundsheet allowing you to put down any outdoor footwear.

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In addition, you may be interested in the Coastline Deluxe Tunnel Tent which is also made by Coleman. This tent, which costs just over £239 on Amazon, has a weight of just under 29 lbs and is both green and grey in colour. The tent has 3 fibreglass pole arches making it easier to set up and can be done fairly quickly with just 2 people. There are 2 rooms in this tent allowing for extra space and privacy from families and the tent also has a good number of vents allowing air to circulate.

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Lastly, perhaps you will like the Beta 450 XL Tent which is made by Vango and can be purchased on Amazon for £128. This tent has a Morrocan Blue Colour and has 2 rooms designed to block out some of the brighter sunshine. The total weight of this tent is just over 17 lbs and the expected pitching time is 15 minutes. The tent has a groundsheet allowing the inside of it to remain dry and also has a porch area with plenty of space allowing for storage as well as seating area.

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To conclude, there are plenty of 4 man tents to choose from! A few tips to keep in mind before buying are to always think about the conditions in which you plan to camp. Also, think about the ventilation available and how easy it will be to set up! However, most importantly, enjoy your camping adventures!

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