Best Hiking Fleece

Best Hiking Fleece

Both Scotland and Wales are countries of natural beauty, with terrain that makes for the most amazing hikes, regardless of whether you are looking for an easy-going route that a whole family will enjoy or something that only a more seasoned hiker should tackle.  One essential piece of clothing when hiking, particularly in Scotland or … Read more

5 Amazing National Parks in Serbia

national parks in Serbia

The national parks in Serbia are: Fruška Gora, Tara National Park, Đerdap Gorge/Iron Gate and Kopaonik. Šara Mountain National Park in Kosovo is also accessible from Serbia. It really is refreshing to get out of Belgrade to the fresh air of the Serbian countryside. Some of the national parks are near to train stations, but … Read more

The 10 Stunning National Parks in England

National Parks in England

National parks are large areas of land that have been given special protection by national or local government as places of outstanding natural beauty and historic interest. They often include designated areas of countryside with an exceptionally high concentration of wildlife. There are 10 national parks in England covering a huge range of terrain – … Read more

Visiting the National Parks in Wales

National Parks in Wales

National Parks in Wales are areas of outstanding natural beauty that are protected and managed to preserve their special qualities for the enjoyment of future generations. They provide a place of tranquillity and recreation for visitors to enjoy. There are three national parks within Wales, all of which are managed by local authorities. Introduction to … Read more

Best Hiking Apps for iPhone and Android Smartphones

best hiking apps

Hiking has been one of the best recreational activities in the last few years. The hiking enthusiasts have seen an increase over 100% in their numbers between 2010 and 2014. This is a significant growth that shows how popular hiking has become as a sport today. The Internet and mobile apps have made it more … Read more

Most Popular Glencoe Hikes

Glencoe Hikes

The following article is a list of some of the most popular and interesting hiking trails in Glencoe. Introducing Glencoe and Why it is good for Hiking The following information provides additional useful details related to hiking in Glencoe:  Glencoe was one of the first places where Scottish mountaineering started way back in the 19th … Read more

Easy Peak District Walks

Easy Peak District Walks

The Peak District in central England covers a large area of 550 square miles of National Park. It lends itself well to walking, cycling and other outdoor activities. Today’s blog outlines 8 easy Peak District walks. Walking in the Peak District Walkers with children, or those who simply prefer a gentler pace, will enjoy the … Read more

Poland Ski Resorts

Poland Ski Resorts

This article is an overview of the best skiing resorts in Poland. Each ski resort has a short description of location, access details, contact information and facilities. The page also includes links to other areas within our site that will be useful for planning your skiing holiday in Poland such as accommodation, ski schools and … Read more

Camping in Shropshire

Camping in Shropshire

Camping in the UK is really popular, and there’s no better place to camp than in Shropshire! Campsites are easy to find – places like Telford, Ironbridge and Oswestry have a wealth of camping sites available with many different facilities. Camping is now a popular holiday choice and there are lots of places where you … Read more