Katowice Tourist Attractions – In the Shadow of Krakow

The small industrial town of Katowice in Poland lies around 70km North West of Krakow. Despite the fame of Krakow’s old town being a UNESCO World Heritage site, it’s true to say that the popularity of Katowice tourist attractions is on the up. Katowice has a direct airport connection with Liverpool (Wizz Air) which has seen an large influx of people travelling from the UK to Katowice, but tourism is also increasing.

Katowice Tourist Attractions – Architecture

The centre of Katowice is a contrast between the historical and the modern, and is walkable in a day. From the Silesian Theatre, walk down Korfanteco Street past the old communist blocks and end up at the Spodek.

The Spodek is Katowice’s all purpose arena – their most modern development in the sporting world.

Nikiszoweic Historical Miners Estate

One of the top Katowice Tourist attractions is Nikiszoweic – the historical miners estate. Like something straight out of Peaky Blinders, you will visit this estate of homes built for miners over 100 years ago, and an old Baroque Church. To get there, take an Uber or a couple of local buses/trams from the city centre.

Monuments of Katowice

There are two main monuments in Katowice town centre. The first is the Silesian Insurgents’ Monument located right by the Spodek. The second is the Silesian scouts monument on the main square, which remembers the scouts that defended the city in 1939.

Katowice Tourist Attractions – Architecture

While you are in Katowice, don’t miss the Silesian Museum and the Museum of the History of Katowice. If you are staying long enough for a day trip out, it is possible to visit Auschwitz-Birkenhau – not a pleasant trip, but certainly an important one to understand the Jewish history of Poland.

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